2 Ways a Home Inspection Franchise Is a Great Fit for a Veteran’s Second Career

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As the baby boomer generation gets closer to retirement, the idea of a second career as a business owner is appealing to many. Veterans who are interested in going into a second career are uniquely situated to succeed with a home inspection franchise. The skills that you learned in your military service and subsequent career can be put to good use as a franchise owner.

Keep reading to learn why a second career may be a good option, and how your skills work well in the home inspection industry.

Why a Second Career?

It is never too late to try something new. Whether you are 6 months or 15 years from retirement, you can still take a leap and go into business for yourself. Your ingenuity is your biggest strength in building a second career and the options are virtually endless.

Here are just a few pros of going for a second career:

  • You can leverage your existing experience
  • You have a large network to work with
  • You know more about what you want
  • You can try something new or go back to what you used to love

A second career is a particularly tantalizing for former military service members. Many veterans leave the military and immediately start jobs that they may or may not love. After 15 or 20 years, it is not unusual to want to see what else is out there.

Why a Home Inspection Franchise?

Simply put, you don’t have as much time to succeed in your second career, which is why it is so critical to choose something that works with your skillset and helps you succeed. Investing in a home inspection franchise is a great way to utilize the skills you learned—both in your military service and your post-service life.

1.     Training

Whether your military service ended last year or 20 years ago, you remember how valuable it was to learn from the experts. Training is a key part of the military, both to ensure that you are up to the tasks you performed and to teach you the importance of following a system that works.

In many ways, investing in a franchise is similar to that training. Before you can get started on your business, the franchisor teaches you what you need to know to succeed, including the services involved in a home inspection, the technology you will use, the industry you are working in, and so much more.

The best part is that the franchisor has years of experience in your field, just like your military officers and superiors. Following this experience—and the systems in place as a result of it—gets you on the path toward a strong second career.

2.     Communication

The ability to clearly and effectively communicate is invaluable in virtually every job. Communication is a vital skill for military members, who learn how to give orders and communicate needs in high-pressure situations. Though communication in your post-military life has likely never been as intense as it was during your service, it is still important to be able to express ideas to those around you.

When it comes to home inspections, communication is key. First, you need to be able to explain complex processes and ideas to your clients in ways that they can understand. Second, your ability to communicate to your team of employees goes hand in hand with your ability to be a strong leader.

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