Looking for the Best Franchise for Veterans? 4 Things to Look For

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Veterans who search for franchise opportunities know that there are a lot of options to choose from. Every company wants to claim that it is the best franchise for veterans, so how are you supposed to narrow it down?

For starters, make a list of what you are looking for in a franchise opportunity to make sure that you find one that meets your personal needs. Next, add these 4 items to your list to make sure that you find the best possible franchise for you.

1.    VetFran Ranking

In an effort to help veterans know which franchise opportunities really work for them, the International Franchise Association, or IFA, started the VetFran initiative. Dedicated to categorizing franchise opportunities for veterans, VetFran has a three tiered ranking system: 1 Star, 3 Star, and 5 Star. Though there are over 650 franchisors that are part of VetFran, only 100 of them received the 5 Star designation.

Pillar To Post is proud to be a 5 Star member of VetFran because of our outstanding opportunities for veterans. The VetFran ranking is an easy place to start in your search for the best franchise for veterans.

2.    Strong Sense of Community

During your service in the armed forces, you learned the value of teamwork and the importance of a strong community. Military members know better than almost anyone else that working together toward a common goal gets results. For many veterans, finding a career that values that sense of community is essential in their post-military lives.

Finding a franchise that values community should be the second thing you look for. With the right brand, you can learn a lot from a valuable network of team members. Indeed, the built-in network that you get when you invest in a franchise may be one of the biggest perks of your investment. Everyone from your fellow franchisees to the home office employees has experience that you can learn from, and a brand that values community will share that experience with you.

For example, Pillar To Post’s dedication to creating outstanding franchise opportunities for veterans shows in our team. This year, more than 30% of our new franchisees were veterans, adding to our already proud team.

3.    System That Works

Another key thing that you learned in your military service is how advantageous it is to work within a system that has been tested and proven. In your search for the best franchise for veterans, look for one with a smart system that has been proven to work time and again.

Franchise opportunities that can boast a high number of locations, owned by diverse people in different areas, show that they have systems that work. As the #1 home inspection franchise in North America, Pillar To Post has over 550 franchisees, with owners in nearly every state and province in the United States and Canada.

4.    Discount for Veterans

As you research franchise opportunities, you have no doubt found that many brands offer discounts to veterans. In fact, VetFran members must discount their franchise fees by at least 10% in order to qualify for the program. Veterans who invest in a Pillar To Post franchise get 20% off their franchise fee, which is double the industry’s standard discount.

A discount certainly sweetens the deal for a franchise opportunity, but it should by no means be the only thing a franchise has to offer. It is not by accident that we placed a discounted franchise fee at the bottom of our list.

Pillar To Post provides an outstanding opportunity to veterans. We are proud to work hand in hand with the service men and women who keep us safe. Learn more about our story to get to know our franchise opportunity.