Is a Home Inspection Franchise the Right Fit?


Research shows that people who own their own businesses tend to be happier than people who stay working in a traditional, corporate environment. But many people who have spent their careers in corporate wonder if they have the skills that will make them good business owners. It is not unusual for people with traditional career backgrounds to feel concern that a home inspection franchise isn’t the right fit.

Let us ease your mind. People from a wide variety of work backgrounds can thrive as owners of a home inspection business. Whether your background is in teaching, accounting, engineering, retail, or pretty much anything else, you have a variety of skills to bring to the table that will help you succeed as a franchise owner.

You Work Well as Part of a Team

In a corporate setting, everyone shares the workload. Whether work is evenly divided between employees or everyone has a specific job they do, teamwork is essential in the workplace. Your ability to work with a team of peers, superiors, and subordinates alike will translate well into your career as a franchisee.

Becoming a franchise owner is an ideal balance between working for yourself and working as part of a team. When you invest in a franchise you are investing in the team of home office employees and fellow franchise owners who are there to support you and assist you. This team will be a valuable resource to you as you get started and throughout the life of your business, so take the time to listen to their advice and benefit from their experiences.

You Understand Client Relationships

Regardless of what career background is, you have worked with clients in some form or another. B2B companies work with business owners or managers. Teachers work with students and parents. General contractors work with homeowners. Working and building relationships with clients in any form is an incredibly valuable skill to take to your home inspection franchise.

Clients are the lifeblood of your franchise, and your ability to connect with clients becomes even more important when you own a business. Understanding your clients allows you to better market your business, give positive customer experiences, and so much more. Customers can tell when you care about their business, and that has a real effect on your success.

You Know How to Follow Procedures

Working for a company, big or small, comes with procedures, policies, and rules that employees are expected to stick to. When everyone on the team follows these operational rules, the whole company ideally runs efficiently and easily. Learning to follow procedures laid out by your boss or company is one of the underrated traits that franchisees look for.

The good thing about investing in a franchise is that it gives you a path to own your own business without all the trial and error of starting a business from scratch. The franchise already has an operations manual, training guides, and policies in place. Your job is to follow these procedures, all of which are designed to keep business running smoothly and help you thrive.

As you can see, people from all different backgrounds have the traits that a home inspection franchise brand like Pillar To Post looks for. If you have these 3 qualities, chances are investing in a Pillar To Post franchise is going to be the right fit for you.

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